Checking the voltage an amperage on a blown out LED for my Life Dress.

It’s funny, I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about wearable technology and startups. I have written a lot about it in my old blog, in fact, my masters thesis was the Life Dress and tech couture. Yet, I had resigned myself to stay purely in the conceptual or artistic space rather than construct a [...]

Playing the MP3 Shield

I did something impulsive a week before Schrodinger was due to be dropped off for Collision 19. I was so dissatisfied with my fake cat for Schrodinger that I decided that, if it wasn’t going to move, then at least it should meow to claw its way to some minor degree of verisimilitude…and get a [...]

Wood chips pile up as I chisel away to create the grooves where the lighting circuitry for Schrodinger will be placed.

For the longest time, power tools scared me. I was accident prone with a hammer, the last thing I needed was to fall into a gyrating saw blade. So, it wasn’t until I took the graduate school equivalent of “shop class” that I learned the wonders of the drill press, the beauty of the band [...]

I have been struggling to write a statement to accompany a piece of art today. “Struggle” does not sufficiently express the angst wridden, hair tearing, wailing at the gates of inspiration I have performed in the last 24-hours. Right now, I am in the resigned phase where I have decided that my inability to write [...]

A dial for an old fashioned geiger counter.

I bought a geiger counter today. Surprisingly, I was terribly conflicted by this purchase. I was buying a geiger counter for an art piece. In my bootstraps-made-from-scratch mentality, to buy a fully constructed item for an art piece seems, in some way, “cheating.” This sent me down a spiral of conflicted meditation on the history [...]

I decided to remake my website when I realized how untenable maintaining it was…it was all hand coded with a minimal number of includes. The design was characteristic of my tastes three years ago and exhibited a degree of skill that I had far exceeded in the elapsed time. I have this thing…it’s called and [...]

A few days ago, I got the news: As the culmination of months of work, Schrodinger will be on public display at CollisionCollective. So, if your just happen to be in the Boston area between June 14th and July 27th then why don’t you swing by Boston Cyberarts Gallery at 141 Green Street, Boston MA [...]