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"Dysphoria" 16"x16" oil on canvas painting by Elizabeth Fuller

Throughout this intense period of multi fascited dysphoria, she expresses a frequent, emotional refrain: “:’(“ “Dysphoria” represents my first exploration in thermochromatic paint. While most of the painting is rendered in traditional oils, the bar at the end is intended to gently blink on and off, alluding it this sense of anticipation. What will be [...]

Girls and play with art work

User experience for art User testing is important for many products. Art just doesn’t strike me as one of those. So, it took an actual event to impart what logic should have made abundantly clear. The Maker Faire was the second time I exhibited Shrodinger to the public but the first time that I was [...]

Photographer's reflecting in artwork

Of all the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, one of the easiest to prepare for is the creation of your next project. Like every such event, you should have lots of pictures of the process and your only chance is now. After making the novice mistakes of relying on fuzzy photographs of a (temporarily) working circuit with an iPhone 2G and arranging for people to demonstrate a piece without taking lighting into account, I want to spare you the same agonies.

Playing the MP3 Shield

I did something impulsive a week before Schrodinger was due to be dropped off for Collision 19. I was so dissatisfied with my fake cat for Schrodinger that I decided that, if it wasn’t going to move, then at least it should meow to claw its way to some minor degree of verisimilitude…and get a [...]