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Is a nightmare. It was exciting to participate in CollisionCollective’s show, but even getting a 4x1x1 foot sculpture from New York to Boston is troublesome. Getting it back can be an even greater headache. Certainly, there have been many occasions where I have had to move my work. In school, space was not consistent. While [...]

Wood chips pile up as I chisel away to create the grooves where the lighting circuitry for Schrodinger will be placed.

For the longest time, power tools scared me. I was accident prone with a hammer, the last thing I needed was to fall into a gyrating saw blade. So, it wasn’t until I took the graduate school equivalent of “shop class” that I learned the wonders of the drill press, the beauty of the band [...]

I have been struggling to write a statement to accompany a piece of art today. “Struggle” does not sufficiently express the angst wridden, hair tearing, wailing at the gates of inspiration I have performed in the last 24-hours. Right now, I am in the resigned phase where I have decided that my inability to write [...]

A dial for an old fashioned geiger counter.

I bought a geiger counter today. Surprisingly, I was terribly conflicted by this purchase. I was buying a geiger counter for an art piece. In my bootstraps-made-from-scratch mentality, to buy a fully constructed item for an art piece seems, in some way, “cheating.” This sent me down a spiral of conflicted meditation on the history [...]