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"Dysphoria" 16"x16" oil on canvas painting by Elizabeth Fuller

Throughout this intense period of multi fascited dysphoria, she expresses a frequent, emotional refrain: “:’(“ “Dysphoria” represents my first exploration in thermochromatic paint. While most of the painting is rendered in traditional oils, the bar at the end is intended to gently blink on and off, alluding it this sense of anticipation. What will be [...]

"(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻" (Flipping Table) 24"x18" oil by Elizabeth Fuller.

I used to hate emoticons. They struck me as lazy. They are the digital equivalent of saying something is “nice” or “interesting.” They are the effortless filler to diffuse a tense situation, to perform approval without expressing any investment, to imply interest without attention. It was to me, no more than a digital knee jerk [...]

Red Herring painting in acrylics by Elizabeth Fuller

A while back, I told my boyfriend that I was going to paint something.  We lived together, so it was only fair to give a heads up when adding something to the “to do” list of the weekend and roping off a section of the living room for a messy project. It’s not that I [...]