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The launch page for Hitachi's "Social Innovation Business" features a responsive, full-screen hero carousel with navigation enabled through both the left sidebar and the red item buttons.

Hitachi: Social Innovation Business To spread awareness of Hitachi’s “Social Innovation Business” campaign, MRM built out a series of parallax scrolling web pages presenting Hitachi’s work in the medical, data, energy, and auto fields. With a small team of developers, we built the four densely interactive pages and a launch page. Along with parallax scrolling, […]

Nikon Cookpix - iphone view

In promoting their cameras, Nikon brought in Ashton Kutcher to act as a brand ambassador. MRM had already built a webpage to be paired with Ashton promotions, however this was difficult to view on mobile devices. Rather than the massive task of remaking the desktop site to responsive design, I, along with a back-end developer […]

Dynamic scrolling marquee with Jquery.
The Denny's site presents all of its content on one continuous screen.  The six pages--About us, Denny's Locator, Home, Menu, Specials, and Media--are lined up  and house a series of related modules that can be collapsed and expanded to optimize each user's experience.  Users can navigate the entire site with simple JQuery animations and no reloading.
Hitachi: Connected - Homepage screenshot
Hitachi Connected BusinessWeek+ - iPad View

BusinessWeek+ iPad Interactive Ad As part of Hitachi’s ‘Connected’ promotion, Hitachi sponsored the Politics and Policy section of the BloombergBusinessweek+ iPad application. For this sponsorship package, I developed a touch interactive application where users trace Hitachi’s ‘red road’ to reveal different blurbs about how Hitachi is creating a better tomorrow. This ad is constructed on […]

The Score.ly dashboard

Rewards & Recognition Redefined Score.ly is a digital trophy case for both your online and offline achievements. Hooking into 14 APIs, Score.ly aggregates pre-existing badges from other badging services while adding new Score.ly achievements through partnering programs to recognize participation, dedication, and achievements. The grand vision was to allow you to create your own graphic […]

Domainful homepage screenshot

Domainful Domainful is a service allowing users to register domains via SMS. This project was to develop the web portal for managing domain registration and accounts. Focus was on simple, friendly interface emphasizing icons and custom input functionality. I created photoshop mockups with icons designed in Illustrator. I coded the HTML5 and CSS front end […]

iCensr is an application—made in association with the NCAC—to censor your environment by taking pictures and editing out content with a touch of your finger.

iCensr www.icensr.org iCensr is an application—made in association with the NCAC—to censor your environment by taking pictures and editing out content with a touch of your finger. Correct all those little annoyances in life. Clean the streets. Conceal classical nude sculptures. Edit road signs. Hide wrinkles. Remove inlaws from family photos. Deface public property. After […]