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Impermanence | Elizabeth Fuller
Impermanence - show
Photograph from the "Big Screens" show at IAC.


Impermanence - show

Photograph from the “Big Screens” show at IAC.


Impermanence (formerly Momentary) is a short animated interpretation of Japanese scroll art developed in Processing and Adobe AfterEffects. The piece explores the momentary nature of the present and how nothing lasts, including the natural elements that are dynamically drawn and fade away. Eyal was the mastermind behind the work and the AfterEffects majician who stitched it all together. How he made some of the pieces I will never know.

My own contribution, relatively limited in comparison to Eyal’s work, was writing algorithmic scripts in Processing that dynamically drew mountains and trees to then be incorporated into the piece. I will be including sample code for the mountains and trees on our webpage: http://www.momentarymotion.info.

The event itself was fantastic. It occurred on my last day of work for NBC. Thus, not only was I celebrating the conclusion of one of my classes, and the resulting accomplishments, I was also celebrating the end of my work at an event with free wine in the back. In fact, what most amused me all night occurred after I had made an announcement welcoming everyone to the show. I walked up to the bar and asked the gentleman behind it to be a bit more generous with the pour. He objected, “But you are preforming in a bit.” To which, I happily replied, “It’s all automated, fill her up.”

Oh, it was a wonderful event.


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