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Life Dress f3 | Elizabeth Fuller
Elizabeth Fuller wearing the game of life dress with New York City at sunset in the background.
Photoshoot of the Life Dress with the sun setting on Manhattan in the background.

Life Dress f3

Life Dress F3 - Photoshoot

Photoshoot of the Life Dress with the sun setting on Manhattan in the background.

Life Dress f3

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Illuminated Tech Couture

The Life Dress is an organically inspired piece of tech couture modeling the Game of Life. Handmade tiles with embedded circuitry are composed to run the Game of Life algorithm developed by John Conway. The algorithm models cell life through a simple set of rules applied to squares on a grid. Whether a cell is born, survives, or dies is determined by the condition of surrounding cells. These rules are visualized as dynamic patterns of light on the tiles of the dress. It is through the shared existence of the cells, or, indeed, people, that any survive and illuminated animations occur.



Life Dress Demo

One possible progression of the “Game of Life” on the Life Dress.

Life dress circuit

To light the dress, I controlled the LEDs through one master panel that contained a micro controller and multiplexers and connected to each of the light module cells.

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