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Parasite | Elizabeth Fuller
Parasite Purse - design
Sketch detailing the design of the Parasite purse and game board.


Parasite Purse - design

Sketch detailing the design of the Parasite purse and game board.

Location based gaming

The Fibonacci Purse is a mobile game board networked to display the color values of the online game through the iPhone. Players can manipulate the colors of the purse by playing an online game with their web enabled device. Thus, it has three parts:

  • The Purse The physical piece of hardware that is carried by the host
  • The Online Game Board and Database where players interact with the purse and the values are stored
  • The iPhone Application connecting the purse to the database and allowing the host to manipulate settings

As of last week, I placed the eyelets (for embedding the leds), sewed the bag, and successfully soldered 1/6th of the RGB LEDs. While the final final did not have a working demonstration (one of the wires came loose) I do have video of the leds working on the purse:


The online component of the bag allows people to remotely interact with the bag through the online game ParaSite and the associated database. The game itself, like everything else, is still in the middle of development. You can see it’s current state on my site, however:


The iPhone application pulls the current game state values from the online database and sends the values, via bluetooth, to the bag to be displayed. The application may also be used to manipulate the game play and player’s abilities.

Currently, I have the interface and a SOAP request pulling the players names and health set up.

Parasite - game board

Screenshot of the web-based interface of the Parasite game.

Visualization of the Parasite game flow

Flow chart detailing the bag/board/player interaction mechanics of the purse, game, and individual users.

parasite - iphone application

The board owner’s management console and settings synchronize on the iPhone.

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4 thoughts on “Parasite

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  3. Hello! If you actually invented this game, i think you’re a GENIUS!!
    I found your site because i whas thinking exactly in a Fibonacci board like this for a game I’m working on, and I Always like to look in the internet if an idea of mine has already been done…you win by 6 years…and has long has i can verify…you are the first!
    What happened with this game? i cant find the rules nowhere!, and the only place with information about it is actually your site. Its possible you can tell me the rules?

    In any case, thanks for your time!


    • Hi, thanks. It’s been so long, however, since I wrote the code behind the functionality, I’d have to dig through some really old code to find the rules. Sorry!

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