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Hitachi Connected BusinessWeek+ - iPad View

BusinessWeek+ iPad Interactive Ad As part of Hitachi’s ‘Connected’ promotion, Hitachi sponsored the Politics and Policy section of the BloombergBusinessweek+ iPad application. For this sponsorship package, I developed a touch interactive application where users trace Hitachi’s ‘red road’ to reveal different blurbs about how Hitachi is creating a better tomorrow. This ad is constructed on […]

The Score.ly dashboard

Rewards & Recognition Redefined Score.ly is a digital trophy case for both your online and offline achievements. Hooking into 14 APIs, Score.ly aggregates pre-existing badges from other badging services while adding new Score.ly achievements through partnering programs to recognize participation, dedication, and achievements. The grand vision was to allow you to create your own graphic […]

Domainful homepage screenshot

Domainful Domainful is a service allowing users to register domains via SMS. This project was to develop the web portal for managing domain registration and accounts. Focus was on simple, friendly interface emphasizing icons and custom input functionality. I created photoshop mockups with icons designed in Illustrator. I coded the HTML5 and CSS front end […]

Elizabeth Fuller wearing the game of life dress with New York City at sunset in the background.

Life Dress f3 Related Blog Entries Illuminated Tech Couture The Life Dress is an organically inspired piece of tech couture modeling the Game of Life. Handmade tiles with embedded circuitry are composed to run the Game of Life algorithm developed by John Conway. The algorithm models cell life through a simple set of rules applied […]

Photograph of a square based pyramid muffin resting on top of it's silicon baking container and the Plexiglas mold used for casting. Concept models rest in the background.
Elizabeth Fuller wearing the game of life dress on the High Line with car headlights in the background.

Life Dress f2 Related Blog Entries The Life Dress is a wearable piece, depicting the symbiotic relationship of living organisms through an array of LEDs embedded in a dragon skin dress running Conway’s Game of Life. It is a challenge to find the right interactive balance within groups of people. We can be overwhelmed if […]

Parabox - a rubber ducky is contained in a box of mirrored plexiglas and only visible when there is no one closely observing it.

Parabox Interactivity Interactivity is not reactivity. It is frequently confused as such, but distinct. Reactivity is a direct causal reaction to input. You flip a switch, the light turns on. Interactivity is flexible and acknowledges the intricacies of how we interface with other people and technology. To create an interactive art piece, then, the question […]

Dragon skin and feathers

Dragon Skin and Feathers I don’t think anyone would question that I have a bit of a material fetish. Why make something in a traditional material when you could use silicone, epoxy, or foam? I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I subscribe to the belief that silicone is the end all, […]

You are what you eat

You Are What You Eat I do not consider myself a civic recycler. I do not sort my paper and plastic out of some higher ideal. I do not carry a fabric bag to and from the grocery store rather than rely on their disposable bags due to some tree hugging urge. I do not […]

Connecting My Foot With My Sister's Face - Surogates

Connecting My Foot With My Sister’s Face My Sister & I Have Issues… Anyone who knows us, knows that my sister and I like to beat each other up. The mock outrages, pained expressions, staged confrontations, all resulting in brilliant smiles and childish rocking. I think the number of times we have appealed to mom […]